Top Mobile Poker Apps Everyone Should Have on their Phone

Our List of Mobile Poker Apps - Android and iOS users take note

Going to any App Store to search for "Poker" is a daunting experience where you will be faced with hundreds of options to chose from. With games where you can win real money to "crazy-good" deposit bonus apps that sound more like spam/scam/spy apps from a government near you, your mobile poker experience can fast go from best to busto.

We are not scared of daunting tasks, so we downloaded all the free poker apps we could find for iOS and Android and tested them so you don't have to. You're welcome. 

This is our free poker apps section contribution to the internet. All of these apps are for iOS and Android and can be used for free to a certain extend. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order. Buckle up!

Bravo Poker Live

Find nearby games

If you’re looking for a simple way to find poker games near you and don't mind old designs, then Bravo Poker Live App is what you need. The app provides a wealth of information such as open tables, live games, wait lists, upcoming tournaments, room information, and current promotions around you.

Live games radar

With the app you can:

  • Find a nearby poker room 
  • Search for poker rooms with specific criteria
  • Gain information about poker room’s current open tables and wait lists
  • See a poker room’s upcoming tournaments
  • Search for tournaments based on various criteria
  • Review a poker room’s current promotions
  • Add yourself to a wait list
  • Register for a tournament

Bravo Poker Live is completely free with no registration required. If you are traveling or live in a city where there are a lot of casinos (Hello Las Vegas) you should definitely have this handy app in your pocket with you.


The revolution will be decentralised

CoinPoker is a special entry in our list because it does not have an official app on the app stores. Instead you have to go through a few steps to install the app on your phone and be up and running in no time. CoinPoker is an online poker room built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and used by a few famous poker players (Hi Tony G!).

Play mobile poker with your crypto

CoinPoker is decentralised which means nobody owns the bank, and you can just start playing immediately after sending some Bitcoin, Ether etc... You can start playing and you can also take your coins out at any time with no restriction. If you have some crypto coins and want to play poker with them instead of hodling, CoinPoker is a great app to use. You just play mobile poker with a crypto wallet that you control. You can also play from your computer of course. Pure freedom.


The Netflix of poker

PokerGo is the Netflix of poker. It has a lot of content for your video poker appetite. PokerGo is worth the subscription for the production value and lineups. Otherwise the free app has almost no content. If you want to watch a lot, and we mean a lot of poker videos, this is the app to go to. If you have watched the whole of Youtube, miss some of your favorite poker shows and don't mind paying the subscription, you won't be disappointed.

Watch all the big games with all the big names

With PokerGo you have a poker streaming app with exclusive coverage of the Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, Australian Poker Open, British Poker Open, Super High Roller Bowl series, tournaments from the WPT, partypoker LIVE, and World Series of Poker Europe.

And if that's not enough you can watch exclusive original series and shows with the top names in poker, including The Big Blind, Legends of the Game, Stories from the Felt, Pokerography, Inside Poker, and more. Just catch all the action live or watch on demand with all your favorite devices, on the go or at home. 


Latest poker news

If you are starving for the latest news from the world of poker, don't go farther that the PokerNews Mobile App. It's all there!

Poker news feed

The PokerNews app allows you to:

  • Follow live poker tournament coverage
  • Read news and strategy articles
  • Keep in touch with poker personalities on the Twitter tracker
  • Watch the latest videos
  • Download the most popular mobile poker sites
  • Listen to the latest poker podcasts

The content is updated in real time so any poker news junkie should be plenty fulfilled here. The interface is simple and fast to navigate. A great addition to our collection.

Online home games is not an app but it allows you to play online home games with your friends on your mobile phone without download or login. It is a fully online customisable poker table to play Texas Hold'Em or PLO with up to 10 people at the same time. Just open the page on your mobile browser to create a table. The person who creates the room becomes the bank who can then authorise players, give them their chips and control a few other options like blind size, Straddle or not etc,...

Best of the best to play with friends

You can play from your phone, your tablet or your computer in one click for free with anyone whom you share the link to your personal online poker room to. The platform is under active development and new features appear frequently. In the latest release, players can activate video chat to see each others instead of avatars. A welcome addition to the game with friends who would have had to rely on zoom or other platform while playing on PokerNow.

Poker Stack

Keep track of your poker money

With its modern and slick look&feel inspired by portfolio apps, Poker Stack (that's us!) is the go-to app for tracking your money and your games. Seriously. With over 40 different statistics available, Poker Stack gives you a non biased view about your results and performance over time. The only thing you have to do with Poker Stack is to clock in all your buy-ins, rebuys and cashouts as they happen. That's it. From there, Poker Stack will work its magic and give you insights into your bankroll.

The slickiest poker tracker ever

One unique notable feature of the app is the ability to track the size of your stack as you play. This is a great addition to an already great app because it helps you visualise just one session and forces you to always know how much chips you have on the table. In fact it makes poker bankroll management a fun thing to do on top of being essential if you play poker seriously. Poker Stack is location-aware so it will know where you play and remind you to record your games or your cashout when you leave the place. Overall, there is no other poker tracker as slick as Poker Stack. See it for yourself in this video below:


The postflop GTO Poker Trainer

Postflop+ lets you train on how to play perfect GTO (Game Theory Optimal) by training you on specific spots. The app is fun and easy to use and navigate. You can focus on your overall game or target specific spots that you struggle with. Plug your game leaks straight-away in the most effective way. Postflop+ gives you detailed performance stats and highlights areas to improve on your game in postflop situation. It is a great way to practice GTO on the go when commuting, waiting in the queue or at work (Shhhh).

Study GTO methodologies post-flop

They have taken millions of PIO solved GTO simulation spots and presented the results in a sleek and effective set of training tools. Postflop+ lets you train the way you play perfect GTO. Just pick a PIO solved spot and hit play. Postflop+ will then present you with a hand and lets you make GTO decisions given the formation, action, etc. Once you choose an action, you get immediate GTO feedback, optimal frequency to bet/check and optimal sizing to use. They also add new spots on a regular basis for you to study. If you want to become a better poker player postflop, Postflop+ will be of great help. Another great must-have addition to our collection.


Improve as a poker player

From the same people who gave us Postflop+, Preflop+ is a great set of various tools which comes with preflop charts to help you practice +EV shoves, calls and rejams based on Nash equilibrium. It has a training mode for pot odds, ranges and others. The app also includes Math tools such as an Equity calculator so you can understand how much equity you have versus your opponents range or exact hand.

Make better decisions

There is so much to this app that you have to try it to really get an idea of how it could help you improve your game. Preflop+ presents you with the exact EV of all the hole cards as a chart so you are fully equipped. This will help you make better decisions will also help you take any +EV spots when the field is pretty tough knowing the exact EV of your holdings.

The app also has the fastest and most accurate equity calculator for all streets - Preflop, flop, turn and river. If you are not using Preflop+ yet, you are certainly missing and it might take longer before you fix some of your worst leaks. Highly recommended.

Share my pair

The poker hands re-player for live games

We have all been there, wanting to explain a hand to friends or post it to request advices. Without ShareMyPair, the process is cumbersome, borderline painful. ShareMyPair allows you to recreate your poker hands into vivid and realistic animated videos that you can then share to death, and ask for recommendations. If you’re looking to share a specific hand with a lot of people via Twitter, Facebook, email or messaging, there’s really no better way to do it.

Show off your best hands

ShareMyPair is also a social network. You can improve your game by studying hand animations posted by the ShareMyPair professional players. Scroll through more than 18,000 poker hand animations from players in more than 50 countries across the globe. Get peer-to-peer feedback from the active community of poker hand enthusiasts in the world. If ShareMyPair did not exist, someone would have to invent it. You just have to download it.

The Preflop Advantage

Master your preflop ranges in tournaments

The Preflop Advantage app was designed to help you become a preflop master tournament poker player. For tournament poker players having incorrect preflop ranges leads to difficult post-flop situations with marginal hands. This app has more than 625 different ranges for 9 different preflop scenarios:

  • Open Raising
  • Flatting / 3 Betting
  • Multi - Way
  • Rejamming
  • Calling Rejams
  • Push / Fold
  • Blind vs Blind
  • BB Defense
  • Advanced Limping

The ranges were built using multiple software programs like Monker Solver, PioSolver, Poker Snowie, and Holdem Resources Calculator. These ranges are the closest you will get to a GTO range. The app can be used offline and is quick to interact with. It is a great way to start learning all the possible ranges depending on position and stack size. The stronger you will play, the easier the postflop decisions will be and the more money you will earn. It is that simple. If you consider yourself a serious tournament player, you definitely should have this app on your phone.

Enjoy these 10 top mobile poker apps and good luck at the table!

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