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How much money have you won this year playing poker?

Track all your games with no effort
Poker bankroll management is the #1 quality of any serious poker player
We made it easy and free

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The best free poker bankroll management app

Graphical representation of poker winnings and losses over time in the Poker Stack app.

Gorgeous design

We made managing poker winnings a pleasure.

Take control.

Easy setup

Already have a bankroll? Just start with it or set up a limit.

Make progress.

Insightful Info

Do you know how much money you have won or lost until today?

Keep track.

The Poker Stack bankroll management app is available for Androids or iPhones.

Bankroll Manager for Texas Hold'em or Omaha?

No matter your game preference, whether it's Texas Hold'em, Omaha, cash games, Dealer's Choice, online poker, tournaments, Stud, or any other form of gambling, Poker Stack has got you covered. As a comprehensive poker bankroll tracker and bankroll management app, it excels in handling all your gaming data and presenting it with ease.

Effective bankroll management is essential, even if you're not battling a gambling addiction. With Poker Stack's intuitive interface and powerful features, tracking your progress becomes a breeze. From monitoring your stack to recording your winnings, this poker bankroll management software takes care of the calculations for you.

Experience the satisfaction of witnessing your growth and success unfold as you engage with the app. With Poker Stack, you can confidently navigate your poker journey, knowing that your bankroll is in capable hands. Discover why it's hailed as the best free poker app ever!

Use the free version forever or try the PRO version for 2 months to receive a 50% discount for life!

best poker app iPhone/iPad best poker app for Android


Get the Power of Poker Statistics Without the Complexity

your ultimate poker profit tracker

Intuitive design for easy management of your winnings

Poker Stack is like no other app to track your poker income.

Other similar apps are complicated or counter intuitive so we decided it was time the poker community deserved a great, simple yet powerful app to track our sessions. It's the best app in its category.

Suitable for any size poker bankroll

For the professional and casual players

No matter your game preference, whether it's Texas Hold'em, Omaha, cash games, tournaments, Stud, or any other form of gambling, our poker income app has you covered. This intuitive poker money tracker makes entering data a breeze, offering invaluable insights in return. Even if you don't struggle with gambling addiction, effective cash management remains crucial. Witnessing your progress is incredibly fulfilling! Simply log your bets and winnings, and let the poker winnings tracker crunch the numbers for you.

poker bankroll management software at its best
the best poker income app

Know your standings, ups and downs

How much have you won or lost during your last 30 games?

Psychology is just one facet of poker and it is essential that you understand your table image and how you can use it to influence your opponents. Knowing exactly where you stand will help you. Your bankroll is the only element you can control in the game. Even the leading players, if they are not careful, can burn through their cash. The players will always be around tomorrow, but once your bankroll is gone, it's not coming back, so make sure you only play with money you can afford to lose.

Track Your Games Like a Pro

Get an undeniably objective idea of just how successful a gambler you are.

There are over 40 different statistics in Poker Stack. What's your lifetime profit? Where do you win most? What's your lifetime win rate? How much are you winning per hour? How much money are you winning each month? How often are you winning each month? What are your best ups and worst downs?

and more!

you need a poker money tracker if you are serious about your game
use a poker bankroll management software

The Smartest Poker Bankroll Management App

Vizualize your progress with multiple charts filtered by type of game, location, blinds, etc.

Are you also playing other casino games? No problem! Just add a new type of game like Blackjack, craps or even roulette and track how much you put in the game and how much you cash out. We take care of the rest.

Enable Location Services to track your session in one tap. It has never been easier to know how much money you are making playing poker. Become more confident in your game.

Use the free version forever or try the PRO version for 2 months to receive a 50% discount for life!

best poker app iPhone/iPad best poker app for Android

  • 1

    Clock in each time you buy-in or cash out

    With the Poker Stack app, go to the essential and focus on your game. Just enter each time you buy-in and when you cash out. It works whether you are online at home or in a live game with friends or at a casino.

  • 2

    Discover Trends

    As you record your games, learn more about your best games and locations at the touch of the finger.

  • 3

    Enjoy your life

    By knowing exactly what your winnings are you will become more confident over time. Just remember to clock in your games.

easy poker winnings tracker

Manage Your Games Like a Pro

Need something to sweeten the pot?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app really FREE?

Yes the app is 100% free and you get all the basic statistics because proper and easy poker bankroll management is important. If you like the app and want to know more about your game you can subscribe to the PRO version. Support Indie developers! :-)

What payment methods do you accept?

The app uses the in-app feature from Google and Apple so it's like any other app. You pay from your Google or Apple account.

Can I use the FREE version forever?

Yes you can. There are no limits on the free version. Only advanced statistics are for the pro users. The Poker Stack app is adoption-ware. If you adopt it, you are free to buy it.

Is it really worth it?

Yes it is. It will improve your game because now you know how much the game brings you. Ask any of our users. You just have to remember to clock your games. We made it easy because with location services activated, Poker Stack will remind you.

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"PokerStack is THE app you need to have as a live poker player."

best poker app iPhone/iPad best poker app for Android

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