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If you’re a poker player, there are many ways to improve your playing skills. Not many are as effective as a poker simulator, however. These allow you to place yourself in all kinds of different situations and then play out the hand, so you can practice your gameplay without having to risk a single cent of your money.

On this page, we’re going to be looking at poker simulators and working out exactly what they are and why you should definitely start using one. We’ll also look to see if there are any other ways you can enhance your poker training. So, if you’re looking to find out more about poker simulators, this is definitely the right page for you!

What is a Poker Simulator?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what exactly a poker simulator is. They can actually come in many different forms, from free poker games rich in graphics, through to really simple forms, however they all do the same thing: they allow you to simulate hands by inputting data and then watching as the hand is played out. However, the best poker simulators also do something else: they provide you with a huge range of stats from every hand, which allows you to analyse how you played from many different angles. Poker played today is extremely reliant on facts and figures, as opposed to intuition, so the stats around your hand are really important to understand.

Essentially, a poker simulator is an advanced poker training tool for serious players who want to take their game to the next level. It doesn’t matter which poker variation you play either, as you’ll almost certainly be able to find a simulator that suits you, although, of course, most are looking for a Texas hold’em simulator, as this is the most popular variant of poker.

When it comes to the price of poker simulators, you will find that there are some free ones out there. However, these are free because they really don’t provide many features. Instead, you should look to use a paid service, as they are far more comprehensive. Don’t worry, as they aren’t expensive: expect to pay $10 - $25 per month for a top poker simulator.

It is worth mentioning something else quickly, and it’s this: there are various free poker apps online, which allow you to play poker against others for free. While these are great fun to use, they are not poker simulators and shouldn’t be used for training. Instead, use them to play casual games to pass the time.

What Features Does a Top Poker Simulator Offer?

Every poker simulator differs from the others, however there are a few things that each should offer, and the first one is simple: it should offer a way to simulate poker hands! The whole point of a poker simulator is that you can input any scenario and then watch how it could play out. By analysing the various possible outcomes, you can then begin to understand exactly how to act in various situations.

Many of the best simulators also give you the chance to play against bots, which have been programmed to play perfectly. For example, PokerSnowie has a “Challenges” feature, which sees you taking on an AI player. By playing against these bots, you’ll be replicating playing against the best players in the world, which should prepare you for if and when you do manage to reach the upper echelons of poker.

You’ll also find that many poker simulators provide detailed feedback on the way you’ve played a specific hand, analysing not only the hand as a whole, but individual aspects of the hand as well. By giving incredibly detailed feedback, it allows you to make small yet consequential tweaks to the way in which you play.

Why Should You Invest in a Poker Simulator?

As already mentioned, it will cost you some money to get a decent poker simulator, however this should only be a maximum of around $25 per month. When it comes to the amount of money a good poker simulator will help you win, getting one really is a no brainer.

poker simulator

You need to think of a poker simulator as a trainer. If you were playing any sport to a high level, be it football, tennis or eSports, you’d have no problem with spending much more than $25 a month on someone to train you. In fact, the best sports trainers can cost thousands of dollars to hire. Sportspeople invest in trainers as they make them better, and this is exactly what a poker simulator will do for you. It might cost you a few dollars, however you should win back the expense, plus much more, when you hit the poker tables.

Of course, there is no point in paying out money for a poker simulator if you’re not motivated. Learning the finer points of the game isn’t always the most interesting pursuit, so you need to have a passion for the game to get you through those tougher times. There’s also no point in getting a poker simulator if you’re happy with just being a recreational player – the best poker simulators are designed to turn you into something more akin to a professional.

What’s the Best Poker Simulator?

There are many different poker simulators out there, however perhaps the best of them all is PokerSnowie . This piece of software uses AI to make its decisions and allows you to input specific scenarios and then see how the AI would handle them. This means you can simulate any hand you’ve already played and compare your playing style to that of the AI, which is programmed to play optimum strategy. You’ll also be able to improve your game by playing against the AI. Overall, this is definitely a poker simulator to consider, and the Pro version costs just over $19 per month, although you’ll need to make one yearly payment.

Next up, there’s Power-Equilab , which has a strong focus on the concept of equity. There are a few tools that do the same, however Power-Equilab has seemingly taken the best features of all tools and combined them, making it the best option around. Its biggest selling point is its ability to analyse scenarios, calculating equities of possible cards on the next street. It also allows you to easily run equity calculations, as well as much more. It is even cheaper than PokerSnowie, coming in at a price of just $3.49 per month.

Another option is Poker Scientist , which is a far more detailed look at poker for those looking for real data science. It offers billions of different strategies for every conceivable situation, however it isn’t simple to use, so expect to take some time getting used to it. You’ll also find that the tool displays in-depth data for every hand, as well as the chance to play against a bot, with every action you take analysed to determine how effective it was.

You’ll also find that there are a few different pieces of poker tracker software out there too, such as Holdem Manager 3 and PokerTracker 4 , however these are slightly different from poker simulators. These track your play and then analyse it, while simulators allow you to run simulations of different scenarios. However, we’d still recommend a tracker to serious players, and you can find out more about them further down the page, or by reading our article dedicated to poker trackers.

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Other Tools to Consider

Investing in a poker simulation tool is a great idea for all serious poker players, however there are also a few other things you should get too, with the first being a poker calculator. Fortunately, poker odds calculators can be found for free online. These are generally simple tools that allow you to calculate things like pot equity and other important stats, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible when playing a hand.

You should also definitely invest in poker tracking software. This is software that can be linked to your online poker account and will provide real time information on hands you’re playing. They’ll also analyse the way you have played hands and provide information you can use to improve your gameplay. Do check that the poker site you play at allows poker tracking software, as some sites have blocked it.

You should also have a tool that allows you to keep close track of your bankroll. Top poker players know that while it’s not the most exciting subject, bankroll management is essential. It won’t surprise you to find that we recommend Poker Stack, which provides a simple way to keep track of everything you spend and win while playing poker.

You’ll also find that there are some great apps out there to download. An online poker training app allows you to hone specific elements of your game wherever you are. While many of these aren’t worth downloading, a couple we’d recommend are Poker Fighter and Tournament Poker Coach.

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Now you know what poker simulators are and why they’re vital tools for any serious poker player, you simply need to make the purchase. You’ll find that there are plenty to choose from, and most of them offer a free trial. We’d therefore recommend trying a few out, before then deciding on which one to pay for. It’s then simply a case of using the poker simulator regularly, which should improve your poker game every time you do.

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